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IFPE, ConExpo, and Las Vegas

IFPE, ConExpo, and Las Vegas

Even though IFPE 2014 and ConExpo 2014 won't open until March 4 of next year, preparations are underway by exhibitors and other companies and organizations participating in the festivities. The Las Vegas Convention Center will be the site of both tri-ennial events, and, as always, there will be lots to do each evening after after strolling through the shows and taking in the conferences. One of these will be , a Cirque du Soleil Show at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. We published an in-depth article about the impressive hydraulics that work behind the scenes at KÂ.

Did I say impressive? How about a platform stage weighing more than a Boeing 757 that moves at speeds to 2 ft/sec? The stage is moved by four cylinders, each with a 70-ft stroke, with positioning repeatability of 0.10 in. I'm impressed, and if you are, too, click here to view the article.

Also impressive is that after nearly nine years, KÂ is still playing at the MGM Grand. So are the hydraulics, albeit, behind the scenes.

Even though IFPE and ConExpo are still eight months away, it probably isn't too early to reserve tickets for the show. Click here to check it out.


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