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Hydraulics — a modern marvel

Hydraulics — a modern marvel

Modern Marvels has been a long running series on The History Channel — known today, simply, as History. The producers never seem to run out of ideas, and they always do a great job with their presentations.

Back in 2004, The History Channel released an episode on hydraulics. Although I have a couple minor issues with the content, in general, I think the producers did a superb job.

They present the content in a way that would interest people well-versed in hydraulics, who know nothing about it, or anyone in between.

I found a link that previews the first five minutes of the episode. To view it, click here. And if you download the Veoh web player, you can watch watch the entire 45-min episode. Or go to History's website, and buy the DVD.

I corresponded with one of the producers of Modern Marvels to suggest they create an episode about pneumatics. He asked me to provide some impressive examples of pneumatics, but I didn't hear back from him. But who knows, maybe some day. . .