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How to troubleshoot hydraulics using an infrared heat detector

How to troubleshoot hydraulics using an infrared heat detector

Our website contains dozens of articles about troubleshooting hydraulic systems. In fact, I recently finished posting a series of articles called, "Think First, Then Troubleshoot!" This series explains how troubleshooting requires a systematic approach to identify and correct the source of malfunctions, not just treat symptoms.

Troubleshooting requires tools to assess the condition of a hydraulic system by reading pressure,  flow, and temperature. Monitoring temperature can help you gain an overall idea of what's going on in a system, but an infrared heat detector can provide specific information — information that can pinpoint the source of problems.

To learn more, read the article I just posted by clicking here. The article was orignially published several years ago, but the techniques described in it are just as useful today.


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