Fluid Power Talk

Fun new app, just for kids

A Danish film production company has jumped into the app game with a fun app for kids to learn about "big machines," such as large mobile equipment used in farming, construction, lumber production, mining and more.

Designed for the iPhone and iPad, the app allows children to watch videos and learn about different types of machinery: tractors, hay balers, scrapers, compactors, harvesters, trucks and more. Although it's not about the hydraulics in these machines, the app is a neat little way to introduce kids to these industries and how they are powered and run.

Both films are done with English narration and last about 10 minutes each. Individual films with each machine can be bought with the app, without narration, making it fun for the kids to watch the machines work, crush, pull and lift and hear them roar over and over again.

The creators behind the new app are Danish film production company, Oscar Film, and software developer, Huge Lawn Software. According to Oscar Film producer and creative director, Kristian Jorgensen, he got the idea from watching how his own children were fascinated with books about big machines. "Why not give them the full experience with moving images and sound?" Jorgensen said. "We have produced films with more than ten powerful machines, because we think that an app is a great opportunity for us to get into the market, rather than a traditional DVD production which is very costly."

Jorgensen they hope to make other similar app films, highlighting rescue vehicles, trains, ships, airplanes, and more.

Buy the app from the Apple Store or see a short video promo here.