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Fluid power distributor helps take on autism

I mentioned last week in a blog that I always like to promote businesses that do good in their communities on top of doing business. So when the folks at Hydrotech—a Cincinnati-based fluid power distributor that has participated in our Fluid Power Conference & Expo in the past—contacted me about its sister company, Got-Autism, I told them I'd share the good they're doing.

Got-Autism is a retail site that offers more than 2000 therapeutic, educational, and sensory solutions for the autism spectrum, ADHD, and other learning & behavioral differences. Products include autism toys, child locators, multi-sensory equipment, indoor swings, oral motor tools, social skills activities, fine motor fidgets, ABA tools, language-communication aids, autism awareness merchandise, autism books, CDs, DVDs, and more.

As some may know, April is National Autism Awareness Month, so Got-Autism is running a special 10% discount for buyers who use the code Hydrotech in the coupon box. Got-Autism also donates 5% of every purchase back to the autism community.

The company got its start by a Hydrotech employee, Tammy Andersson, whose son was diagnosed with autism. She turned to her colleagues at Hydrotech for help and the sister company was born. That's the kind of company everyone wants to work with. It's nice to know they have their employees backs.

I wish them luck and hope that readers with loved ones who have autism and other learning and behavioral differences find this site useful!

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