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Find a Job in Fluid Power

Find a Job in Fluid Power

Seems like at least nine out of ten people I meet in the fluid power industry stay in the fluid power industry. Time and again, I hear someone has moved on, then I run into him or her again at a trade show, conference, or other fluid power event.

Job title 2012 jobs

2022 jobs

Sales Engineer 66,000 71,900
Mechanical Engineer 258,100 269,700
Mfr Sales Rep 1,863,000 2,032,300
Technician 17,300 18,000
Mechanic 447,600 525,000
Machinist 476,200 509,900
Customer Service Rep 2,362,800 2,661,500

But whether you're a seasoned veteran or still wet behind the ears in the fluid power industry, thousands of opportunities await. The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) recently published figures about the number and variety of jobs in the fluid power industry. NFPA's report, based on figures from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicates the number of jobs in 2012 and projected for 2022 shown in the table. The report also provides median salaries for the seven job titles with educational background shown in parenteses:
Sales Engineer (BA or BS) — $91,830
Manfacturer's Sales Representative (BA or BS) — $57,870
Customer Service Representative (HS or OJT) — $30,580
Industrial Machinery Mechanic (AA) —$45,840
Mechanical Engineer (BS) —$80,580
Electromechanical Technician (AA) — $51,820
Machinist (HS or OJT) — $40,910

So if you're looking for a new job, chances are, you'll remain in the fluid power industry. But finding good leads in such a specialized field can be frustrating. Fortunately, I've found several recruiting firms and individuals who  deal specifically with the fluid power job market. Following is a list I've compiled that includes contact information. So check it out, and good luck in your search.

Fluid Power Connections, Millstone, N.J.
Call Craig Novins at (732) 792-0411,
email [email protected], or visit

Bosco-Hubert Associates, St. Mary's, Kansas
Call Dan Hohman at (785) 437-3737,
email [email protected], or visit

Direct Recruiters Inc., Solon, Ohio
Call Kelly McCort at (440) 996-0879.
email [email protected], or visit

Professional Staffing Consultants, Mukwonago, Wis.
Call Dan Schauer at (262) 363-4985,
email [email protected], or visit

Global Recruiting Source, Solon, Ohio
Call Heather Goldberg at (440) 684-6150,
email [email protected], or visit

Marvel Consultants, Cleveland
Call Dave Sevel at (216) 292-2855,
email [email protected], or visit

Quality Search, Chicago
Call Bob Johnson at (630) 247-5884,
email [email protected], or visit

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