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Do You Still Dabble in QBASIC?

Do You Still Dabble in QBASIC?

I'm a bit out of my realm, here because I'm much more comfortable with mechanical systems and components than I am with electrical, electronics, and digital technologies. However, some of you "controls people" may still use QBASIC when working out simple programs. Or maybe you had been using it and wish you still could.

Even though QBASIC is a real antique as far as software goes, it can still useful for creating relatively simple control programs. QBASIC is a programming environment that was provided with Microsoft for its even more antiquated DOS (disk operating system). If you still have an old CD-ROM of Windows 95 or 98, QBASIC is provided on there. Just look for the files qbasic.exe and qbasic.hlp and transfer them to your hard drive.

I know, you held onto those CDs for 20 years and just threw them out last weekend in your spring cleaning. But don't kick yourself; you can download a copy by clicking here. To extract the files, execute olddos.exe; the only files you should need are QBASIC.EXE and QBASIC.HLP. QBASIC should also be available on the Windows NT CD-ROM, but don't quote me on that.

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