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Alan Hitchcox

Did You See the Whole Story?

We published our first-ever reader Salary Survey last month. At least I’m pretty sure it was our first one. Our first issue was published in 1948, and contrary to what some may think, I wasn’t a member of the Hydraulics & Pneumatics staff at that time. In fact, I wasn’t even born yet. But I have at least skimmed over most of our back issues, and I never saw anything about a salary survey.

Our space was limited in the printed magazine, so the article you may have read last month appears on four pages. But you can review much more of the information by downloading the full 12-page report.

Alan HitchcoxAlan Hitchcox

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find in the downloadable PDF version. For instance, the top Concerns at Work are summarized on a full page. The No. 1 response was “Finding the Optimal Components for My Designs.” That’s great news for me because if designers are still seeking the best components for their systems, then they have a strong impetus to read Hydraulics & Pneumatics. The second-highest response was “Insufficient People to Get the Job Done.” No surprise there, but the No. 3 response was a bit disconcerting: “Having to Compromise My Design Approaches.”

Another full page was dedicated to Job Satisfaction, and other topics included Issues Keeping Engineers Up at Night; Outsourcing; Continuing Education; and Test and Measurement.

And don’t think a 12-page report will eat up a lot of time to read. It won’t. The salary survey consists primarily of lively infographics, which are ideal for a quick read. Enjoy, and get the whole story!

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