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Company proves it really does value its employees

Company proves it really does value its employees

Most company executives will say that employees are their most valuable resource. Unfortunately, this is often just lip service, because many people I talk with are not shy about sharing how they feel taken advantage of by managment. Seems like management increases pressure a little more each year while offering a little less in return.

This certainly was not the case recently when I visited Noshok Inc., in the Cleveland Suburb of Berea. As I was waiting the in the lobby of Noshok's beautiful, contemporary building, I poked my head around the corner. There, I saw what looked like a giant man cave. I stepped inside for only about a minute but saw a shuffleboard table, air hockey table, ping-pong table, pool table, bar, and huge TV surrounded by lots of comfy looking furniture.

When I got back to my office, I sent a message to Sheryl, who I had met with earlier that day. I mentioned the lounge area I discovered, and she told me I was in Noshok's "Club 1010," an after-hours employee lounge. Sheryl siad Club 1010 is just one of many benefits Noshok provides to demonstrate to employees that management really does hold them in high regard. Sheryl said employees can also enjoy an internet café, sauna, steam room, workout facility with regular exercise classes, and a dojo.

Actions speak louder than words, and this is some serious action on the part of Noshok. But don't take my word for it; check out the pics below. see more images and learn more by clicking here.

This view shows Club 1010 when you first walk in from the lobby.
Here's a view of Club 1010 from the opposite corner.
The open architecture of Noshok main lobby greets visitors. The entrance to Club 1010 is at the far right.
Here is the cafeteria with internet cafe.
Spacious surroundings and open architecture aren't just for show at Noshok. Worker areas also provide plenty of room to breathe.

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