Fluid Power Talk

CCEFP gets a new home of its own

When I got my Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power enewsletter earlier this week, I just couldn't believe that it's been five years since the CCEFP was formed! But finally, after five years of being in an off-campus building, the Center folks are joining their fluid power counterparts at the administrative offices to the Mechanical Engineering building on the University of Minnesota campus. The administrative component of the Center will now be more fully integrated with the Mechanical Engineering department and will benefit from the close proximity to essential departmental services.

I also thought it was pretty cool to see that Milwaukee School of Engineering's Dr. Medhat Khalil, who taught an "Introduction to Hydraulics" course to 16 members of the U.S. Navy. Glad to see that there are people aren't there interested in the field and who had just as much learning as I needed to do a few years ago. Loved the Introduction class!