Fluid Power Talk

Amazing robotic technology debuts in Australia

When I first saw this video, I just couldn't believe it. These animatronic dinosaurs in Australia's Queensland Museum of Natural History are so life-like and real, I think I would be like some of the children that were a little overwhelmed! And while I don't know what type of technology they use to walk, roar and just plain-old frighten everyone, it's worth a look even if it's not fluid power.

What blows my mind most is that when I was a kid watching sci-fi movies or television, robots like these seemed so far off in the future—even if it was described as being in our own present time. Now that we are more than a decade into the 21st century, it still amazes me what scientists, engineers and inventors can create. And although I'm the last to pretend I'm a science or engineering type, I am glad to say I work in this field and can learn about fascinating technology like this every day. It makes the work day that much more enjoyable.

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