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Always online, always updating

It's amazing what a functional website can allow you to do! Since we launched our new website in January, we have been able to share with our visitors countless articles we just had no place for on our old site. And updating graphics, text and resurrecting old articles from the archives has been so simple.

I've spent several hours each day adding news articles, updating some of our favorite technical basics and more. It's fun but it's also helpful to you, our readers. We hope you enjoy the daily changes we make to our site and if you don't see them on the home page, be sure to visit our many departments and archives for all the latest changes.

Here's a sample of what we've done just in the past couple of weeks:

In the coming days, we'll also be posting several articles from our archives, highlighting evergreen technical articles and case histories that deserve to be preserved online. And finally, we'll be focusing a couple web-exclusives on our November issue, with a look at Parker Hannifin's hose tracking system, a conclusion to our August MRO feature from Brendan Casey, and more. We're proud of our content and just can't wait to keep sharing more and more!

Stay tuned.

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