Air Dryers Incorporate Filtration

Air Dryers Incorporate Filtration

The Hydra-D series of dryers effectively removes dirt, micro-organisms, and water vapor from compressed air, eliminating condensation and contamination in pneumatic applications. The series uses pressure swing adsorption technology and a 3-in-1 piece cartridge that completes water separation and air filtration with the inlet and outlet filters and desiccant bed. A compact programmable logic controller (PLC) is used to control all functions. Hydra-D delivers air that contains less than 1 µm of dirt and reduces air to –40°C pressure dew point, compliant with class 2 ISO 8573:1-2010 dirt and water standards.The Hydra-D1 model uses ball valves and two piloted solenoid valves to control inlet and outlet air. The Hydra-D2 and D3 models integrate four piloted solenoid valves to control inlet and outlet air, maintaining air pressure within the dryer to prevent moisture in the desiccant beds when the dryer is not in use. The PLC periodically switches the solenoid valves to push dry air instead of wet air through the dryer. The Hydra-D does not require noise control or any external filters.

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