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Flow Dividers Lend a Hand at the Farm

Flow Dividers Lend a Hand at the Farm

Altec, which designs, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of agricultural implements for handling sheep-, cattle-, horse-, and goat-breeding processes, now uses Webtec's flow dividers to further farm-proof its machinery.

Hay-bale pickers require consistency under a range of flow and pressure inputs.

Located in Morlhon-le-haut in southwest France, Altec designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of agricultural implements for handling sheep-, cattle-, horse-, and goat-breeding processes. The company offers hydraulic machinery including bale handlers, bag lifters, un-winders, mulchers, fertilizer spreaders, front-wheel packers, and front-power lifts. Machinery can be fitted with a wide range of mountable attachments for different applications and materials.

Altec machinery is designed to function in harsh applications, including high-pressure water cleaning, heavy vibrations and shocks, and corrosive chemical interaction, all while surviving dusty or muddy conditions. Now, the company adopts flow dividers from Webtec Productions Ltd. to further farm-proof their machines.

The flow dividers are highly tolerant to oil contamination, keeping hydraulic systems running while they do the dirty work. They also produce consistent output under wide variations in flow and pressure. Furthermore, the dividers feature manual or motorized control to suit the wide range of Altec machines.

This attachment allows for hay distribution in the barnyard. The addition of Webtec flow dividers increase the hydraulic system’s tolerance to debris and dirt that may enter the oil reservoir.

As confirmed by an Altec technical manager, “Webtec flow dividers are insensitive to oil contamination and provide us with consistent performance on every machine. The machines can vary from a 30-year old tractor to the latest telehandler. The conditions under which the equipment may be operated combined with the continuous effort to strive for increased productivity means that ruggedness and reliability have to be designed into our products while making them user-friendly at the same time.”

Altec also uses different versions of Webtec flow dividers, including variable flow dividers with manual or remote control, as well as specially designed valves to meet specific customer requirements.

For information on Webtec’s flow dividers and other products, call (800) 932-8378, email [email protected], or go to

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