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Metal bellows make tough accumulators

Accumulators are among the most beneficial but unheralded components of a hydraulic system. They perform several useful functions, not the least of which is energy savings. Piston and diaphragm accumulators are the most common, but when application conditions become especially hostile, a metal bellows accumulator may be called for.
Technetics Group, Houston, offers custom edge-welded bellows for various applications in the oil and gas industry. Metal bellows are designed to meet volume compensation requirements for the expansion and contraction of fluid volumes. Metal bellows operate reliably in high-temperature, extremely abrasive, and harsh environments.
Technetics Group also builds accumulators designed to application requirements using its Belfab edge-welded bellows, which creates a hermetic seal between charge gas and the hydraulic fluid. Because they do not use elastomeric bladders or piston seals, they are not subject to the limitations of elastomers and operate reliably without servicing or maintenance.

Metal bellows accumulators provide a hermetic seal between charge gas and hydraulic fluid, making them well suited for blowout preventers and similar applications where a permanent, leak-tight seal is essential.

Technetics Group also builds pressure-balanced accumulators with Belfab metal bellows. This type of accumulator communicates hydrostatic pressure into the accumulator and increases the original gas pre-charge to meet the required demand subsea. It also needs no maintenance or adjustments for different water depths.

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