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Plug Manufacturer Expands North America Production Facility

By increasing production of its pull-style plugs in North America, SFC Koenig will be able to respond faster to domestic and NAFTA-based customer orders.

With the addition of new equipment at its facility in North Haven, Connecticut, SFC Koenig announces that it will start production of its Koenig Expander pull-style plugs in North America. The capital investment is in response to an increase in NAFTA-based customer orders, and will enable faster turnaround for domestic orders.

“I’m excited to announce the installation of this new production machinery,” says Tom Ryan, Head of Product Management at SFC Koenig. “Our current manufacturing operations produce the majority of push-style expander plugs shipped to North America, and this expansion allows the company to reduce lead times and meet increasing demand for a wider range of domestically-supplied components.”

The new equipment is customized to use the company’s existing resources at its facility. Based off of the equipment at its Swiss production facility, it will be used to produce SK and LK series Koenig Expanders, as well as custom expander plugs for customer-specific requirements.


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