Digital controls coordinate multifunctional axes

One of the big strengths of digital controls is how easily they can be programmed to suit a variety of applications. Combine this with the versatility of electrohydraulics, and you can customize a system to match specific and changing parameters of virtually any application.

It should not be surprising, then, that new digital controllers from Atos spa, Sesto Calende, Italy, can be easily configured to manage closed-loop position, speed, or force axes, each using a digital electrohydraulic proportional valve.

Atos RI-TEZ axis controllers, with integral to proportional 4-way directional valves perform basic driver functions plus closedloop position control of linear and rotative actuators on which they are mounted. Z-BM-HZ controllers use axis cards with modular assembling on DIN Rail panel support. They can control one or two hydraulic axes with independent or synchronized motion cycles.
Z-ME-KZ Eurocard axis controllers are specifically designed for electrohydraulics and offer multiple electronic interfaces and functionality for a highly flexible general purpose hydraulic motion control unit. Options on digital proportional valves offer smart combination of pressure and flow controls for any electrohydraulic axis. The valve shown adds a closed-loop pressure control to the basic functions of proportional directional valves.

The versatility is not limited only to control however, because the components can be mounted integral with the hydraulics or panel mounted — which ever best suits the application. Controls may also be interfaced with fieldbus controls, and they allow tuning of motion dynamics to simplify the automation architecture. They are programmed through a PC with easyto- use Atos software with an intuitive graphical user interface.

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