Force transducers measure tension and compression

Series 3540 tension and compression force transducers, recently introduced by Noshok Inc., Berea, Ohio, are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes to fit almost any application — including cable or rod tension, weight measurement, overload protection, clamping force, and fill level measurement. A 316 stainless steel construction on many versions provides corrosion resistance and durability, making them ideal for harsh environments.Force transducers

Measuring ranges from 0 to 5 kN through 0 to 5000 kN are standard, with full scale accuracy ranging from ±2.0% (BFSL) to ±0.04%, depending on the particular version. Several amplified or unamplified outputs are available to interface with most electrical systems.

Noshok Series 2351 S-Type tension and compression force transducers are easily assembled, and suitable for dynamic or static measurements in applications such as hoisting gear, engagement forces in machinery, and automated manufacturing. They offer high shock and vibration resistance and small temperature drift.

A conventional configuration provides internal threads to allow force to be easily introduced via suitable swivel heads. A connector plug is on the broad side of the body, and a cable socket is angled so that cable runs parallel to the direction of force, providing space-savings and a protected installation.

A special version with integrated overload protection and a selectable measuring range is also available and is intended for applications in measurement engineering.

Factory internal calibrations are performed in tension and compression — 4 to 20 mA and 0 to10 V, with a zero signal of about 12 mA and 5 V, respectively. An optional EPE01 programming unit allows selecting any of three different measuring ranges (100%, 50%, and 30%) without having to remove the force transducer. Overload protection is rated for 250% of the maximum nominal load.

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