Gear flowmeters offer high resolution

Minimizing pressure drop and eliminating high flow rate cavitation is easy with precision gear flow meters from Max Machinery Inc., Healdsburg, Calif. They operate at maximum flow rates of 45 lpm and 105 lpm, with 0.3% of reading accuracy across a 100:1 flow range. All meters are calibrated with 30 cP fluid but are compatible with fluid viscosities ranging from under 5 to 100,000 cP and beyond. Stainless steel bodies operate at pressures to 6000 psi.

During operation, fluid enters the meter, causing the gears to rotate and fill gaps between the teeth. At exit, the gear teeth mesh together and drive the fluid out. The rotational speed of the gears is proportional to the flow rate.

Sensors detect gear position thousands of times per revolution, achieving high resolution and response. For low flow rates, they provide 20 to 50 times the resolution of most meters and fast response to flow rate changes.

A new version of Max’s Model 294 high-resolution, linearizing transmitter is included. Its microprocessor circuitry automatically adjusts the output signal to improve accuracy. It can also be configured to a custom calibration factor, allowing each flow meter to produce an identical output signal.

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