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Make oil and gas applications explosion-proof

It’s pretty much a no-brainer. If equipment will be working in close proximity to oil or gas — or any flammable substance, for that matter — components must be explosion-proof. That’s one reason why fluid power is used extensively in oil and gas applications.

explosion-proof proportional valve
This explosion-proof proportional valve features an explosion-proof proportional solenoid and explosion-proof digital driver.

But what if you need the high power density of fluid power, and the versatile control of electronics? The solution isn’t complicated: just use explosion-proof (XP) transducers and solenoids to monitor and control valves, pumps, and other components.

Atos spa, Sesto Calende, Italy offers a wide variety of electrohydraulic components designed for application in potential explosive environments from the presence of flammable gas or dust. Typical examples include:

• top drivers, winches, and pipe wrenches in oil and gas production environments,

• actuation of gas compressors, reciprocating compressors, remote control of pipeline valves, and

• cylinders, drilling, winches, and lifting equipment in underground mines.

Atos designs XP solenoids integral to their valves, but also as components that can be used on other hydraulic valves to maximize functionality and flexibility. Because of the strong magnetic field they produce, the solenoids ensure a high force and stroke from a 8- or 12-W power source.

They are designed to contain the potential explosion inside the enclosure, to limit their external surface temperature, and to prevent the self-ignition of explosive ambient conditions according to the certified class.

XP valves are type-tested and certified to ATEX or UL requirements. New SIL3 Safety Integrated Level Certification is available on request. In fact, Atos’s BT version carries special certification for operation down to -40° C (standard certification requires -20° C).

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