Linear drive is self-contained

The CLDP (Closed Loop Differential Pump) is a compact, selfcontained linear axis hydraulic drive from Voith Turbo H+L Hydraulic, Rutesheim, Germany. It offers all the usual benefits of a hydraulic system — high power density, overload protection, and long-term, reliable operation. However, it is powered by an integrated servo pump to significantly boost energy efficiency beyond that of conventional solutions.

The design of the linear drive is fairly simple. At its heart is an integrated servo pump, consisting of servo motor and internal gear pump. The pump’s displacement is optimized to the dimensions of a differential cylinder and commanded by an intelligent control system with field bus connection, pressure protection, and a small compensation tank. Other components, such as complex valving and network of plumbing, are not necessary.

The compact design and the closed oil circuit allow easy systems integration. The onboard intelligence ensures high flexibility during operation.

Potential applications include workpiece handling, bending, separating, and forming processes. In general, the Voith CLDP can be used for all direct linear movements – especially when the application calls for high dynamics, high repeatability, overload protection, and reliability.

The CLDP can be easily integrated into new or existing machines. All that is required is a power connection for the servo motor, which reduces costs for commissioning, training, and maintenance.

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