Steerable wheel drives make loader light and nimble

Poclain’s MG02 steerable wheel motors are key to the success of Kramer Allrad’s 250 and 350 mini loaders with all-wheel steer feature.

Even in a sour economy, industry keeps moving — maybe not as fast as we’d like, but consumables, replacement components, and even new equipment does get sold. This is where the recent trend toward smaller equipment has paid off. As older equipment must be replaced, mini excavators and loaders may get the nod as a cost-effective alternative to their full-size counterparts. True, they’re not as productive or as capable as full-size equipment, but their lower price tag can help contractors and equipment rental establishments get by in these tough times.

Among the newest minis are the Model 250 and 350 Kramer Allrad loaders from Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH, Munich. Like all mini loaders, the 250 and 350 must be lightweight and easy to maneuver — especially in close quarters. That just happens to be the strong suit of the 250 and 350 — due, in large part, to their 4-wheel drive and all-wheel steering.

All-in-one package
Powered by a 17-kW (Model 250) or 23-kW (Model 350) Yanmar engine, the mini loaders are propelled by an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive, consisting of a variable-displacement axial- piston pump driving four cam lobe motors, each of which is an integral part of a steerable wheel drive from Poclain Hydraulics, Sturtevant, Wis.

Poclain’s new MG02 motor easily integrates into the chassis of vehicles and shortens their turning radius thanks to its wide swivel angle, creating new design capabilities for manufacturers of off-highway equipment. For exampl e , the wheels of the Kramer Allrad mini loaders can pivot 38° left or right of center for tight turning.

The MG02 motor integrates a wheel’s pivot function, steering attachments, bevel stops, and hydraulic motor into a single housing — creating a package that is lightweight and compact. Compared to those with a conventional mechanical steering axle, steering wheels equipped with the MG02 motor provide greater architectural flexibility and save weight and dimensions.

All-wheel steering shortens the turning radius of vehicles with a fixed or articulated frame.

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