Stainless-steel power units automate ship operations

Scoda power units provide an electrohydraulic option for controlling propulsion, wheelhouses, stabilizers, gangways, hatches, and automated parking onboard ships.

They feature stainless-steel structures, tanks, and piping and a variety of Atos’ stainless-steel components, including solenoid valves and proportional valves for enhanced reliability and ease of management.Scoda power units

The power units withstand more than 200 hours of salt fog tests according to ASTM B117.

All components and accessories such as blocks, flexible hoses, pressure transducers, level indicators, and filters, are compatible with biodegradable water-based fluids, in compliance with environmental regulations regarding pollution and fire risks.

In addition, to optimize power, reduce consumption, and avoid overloads on ships, groups of hydraulic power generation with redundant vane or piston pumps offer fixed or variable displacement, with working pressures to 250 bar and proportional pressure and flow control.

Safety valves and solenoid valves — either body or cartridge type — with integrated position sensors monitor the regulating element, thus ensuring the effective safety condition of the system.

Scoda power units also include tanks up to 1000 l with custom structures for integration into the ships’ frames.

Finally, Atos’ last-generation digital servocylinders with integrated potentiometric or magnetosonic position transducers and with combined speed and position control, drive the movement axes with fieldbus interface (either Profibus or Canbus). Electronic control units and electrical panels for the automatic management of the system are standard.

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