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Proper hose installation and protection gets oil and gas rig back up and running

An oil and gas exploration company was experiencing hydraulic hose failures, which was costing them downtime and money. Inspection by the local ParkerStore personnel discovered that improper hose routing was causing abrasion to the hose, leading to failure.

An oil and gas exploration company based in western Pennsylvania and Ohio grew concerned due to the premature failure of several high-pressure hydraulic hose assemblies. The failures, which were occurring at the most expensive phase of the extraction process, led to loss of time and money.

The drilling superintendent went to the local ParkerStore to discuss the problem with the manager. The hoses — 34-in. ID SAE 100 R17 / ISO11237 — were failing as the rig feeder moved the drill pipe into the drill head to go down into the well, according to Parker. After closer inspection it was determined that abrasion was to blame. Improper installation, insufficient bend radius, and a lack of abrasion-resistant hose covers, such as Parker’s Tough Covers, resulted in deep cuts from the rails on the equipment that moved horizontally. Several hoses also had deep rub marks from rubbing against each other as well as some of the smoother equipment. On top of the abrasion, sudden failures would occur when a hose pulled out of the fitting, which also resulted in spilled oil.

The ParkerStore manager recommended several solutions: the use of two on-site crimpers for immediate replacement of hose assemblies, the use of Parker hose with an abrasion-resistant cover, and rerouting of hoses properly. The rerouting would prevent hoses from pulling out of the fitting and also minimize rubbing. In addition, store personnel provided on-site training in the ParkerStore for the rig hands and supervisors.

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