Keeping track of hose assemblies

Parker’s Hose Tracking System
Parker’s Hose Tracking System uses bar code and other visual information on a label (or optional RFID tag) to identify specific details about a hydraulic hose assembly though a secure on-line database. These details enable Parker outlets to construct an identical hose assembly by accessing a secure on-line database.

Most hydraulic hose comes from the factory with clear markings indicating its specific size, type, pressure rating, and other descriptive data. Years later, when a hose fails or otherwise needs to be replaced, markings often have become illegible. This makes it difficult to find just the right type of replacement hose, and it does not indicate the original length of hose or types of end fittings that should be used.

To help avoid this problem, Parker Hannifin’s Hose Products Div., Wickliffe, Ohio, recently introduced its Parker Tracking System (PTS) to quickly identify important information about a hose assembly so it can be replaced quickly and accurately. Hoses using the PTS feature two important characteristics: uniquely encoded tracking labels and web-based software. The labels incorporate visual data, barcodes, and optional Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that are made by special printers and affixed to a hose assembly when it is made. The web-based PTS software retrieves detailed information about the hose assembly through a secure internet connection.

Each tracking label code is cataloged in the PTS database. The code identifies key information about the hose assembly, including type, size, rating, and length of hose; end fitting sizes, and configurations; and where and when the assembly was made. Documentation of the original bill of materials ensures hose assembly replacement to exact OEM specifications and compliance with applicable industry and safety standards, which is particularly important for mining, military, and other regulated industries.

With PTS, users can read the code on the assembly tracking label and relay that information to a Parker distributor, Parker store, or mobile Parker Hose Doctor. The Parker outlet can then prepare an identical replacement assembly for immediate pickup or delivery.

Although the Parker Tracking System is intended for use with Parker brand products, company officials explained that the system can accommodate non-Parker components for some OEMs under specific circumstances.

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