Spiral hose becomes lighter, bends tighter

Braided hose is the workhorse of hydraulic equipment. But when you need hose rated for pressures to 5000 or 6000 psi, you’d have to go with sprial hose and its inherent bulkiness — large OD, wide bend radius, and relatively high weight per foot.

Spiral hose

Parker Hannifin Corp., Cleveland, has dramatically reduced these limitations of spiral hose with its introduction of Compact Spiral hose. Developed by Parker’s Hose Products Div., Wickliffe, Ohio, Compact Spiral hose has almost a 30% smaller outside diameter, is up to 26% lighter, and has a bend radius half that of standard SAE 100R15 hose. New 787TC (5000 psi) and 797TC (6000 psi) Compact Spiral hose is immediately available in sizes -8, -10, -12 and -16. Both hose lines will be extended at a future date to include larger sizes.

The tighter bend radius allows more versatile routing, so you might actually be able to get by with 20% to 55% less hose, which would reduce machine weight even more. And the smaller OD means you can use a larger nominal size hose with the same OD as before for lower fluid velocities.

Compact Spiral hose has been successfully tested to 2,000,000 impulse cycles, which is twice the ISO 18752-DC standard and four times SAE requirements. This equates to significantly longer service life.

For more information on Parker’s Compact Spiral hose, visit www.compactspiral.com.