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Hose guards

Hose guards

Four hose guards protect hydraulic hoses used in rugged operating environments from premature failure due to wear, abrasion, and deep cuts. Spring wire guard slides over hose to protect the surface. Its heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant coiled steel wire covering resists hose kinking and distributes bending pressure over the hose length.

Spiral steel wrap provides the highest level of hydraulic hose protection for the most-severe operating conditions. It covers 80 to 100% of the hose surface depending on the application. Galvanized-steel wrap provides installation and operational flexibility, while providing maximum hose surface coverage and protection.

Nylon sleeve guard provides wear and abrasion protection and flexes freely while withstanding thousands of abrasion cycles. Spiral poly wrap installs over existing, in-place hoses and cables and provides durable protection while consolidating multiple hoses and cables for a neater, cleaner set of connections.

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