Fluid is fire resistant and environmentally friendly

Dow Chemical ’s Per formance Fluids Business, Midland, Mich., anticipates increased demand for Ucon Trident AW hydraulic fluids because of its ability to meet increasingly strict environmental regulations. Ship and dock operators, tunnel boring companies, loggers, and even amusement park operators benefit from Ucon Trident AW Fluids because they are readily biodegradable, fire resistant, and offer low aquatic toxicity to fish and wildlife.

Ucon Trident AW fluids have high anti-wear properties over a wide temperature range. The polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based fluids are available in three different grades and can be sourced through American Chemical Technologies in North America and are available globally by contacting The Dow Chemical Co.

Dow recognizes hydraulic fluids are the workhorses of the systems they operate. Hydraulic fluids transmit power, lubricate, help cool equipment, and must prevent rust and corrosion. Viscosity is the strength of the fluids’ cohesive force. It determines fluid friction and the drag moving parts exert, which pulls fluid over and between metal surfaces.

Ucon Trident AW Fluids have a broad operating range and can replace two or three viscosity grades of other, traditional fluids. Further, these fluids do not require seasonal changeouts, as do fluids such as mineral oil. This means users do not have to shut down equipment as frequently for maintenance and fluid change out.

Features and benefits
• Biodegradability — Ucon Trident AW 32 Fluid is readily biodegradable according to OEDC 301B, while Ucon Trident AW 46 and 68 fluids are inherently biodegradable, also according to OEDC 301B standards.
• Low aquatic toxicity — According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ucon Trident AW Hydraulic Fluids meet requirements as “relatively harmless” or “practically non-toxic” to fish and other aquatic wildlife.
• No floating sheen on water — Ucon Trident AW Fluids are heavier than water, dissolve completely, and therefore leave no surface sheen, which can simplify cleanup and secondary water treatment requirements.
• Fire resistance— FM Global, using the latest test procedures, has classified Ucon Trident 46 AW and 68 AW as “Approved Industrial Fluids.”

For more info, visit www.dow.com.