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Additive shields components from corrosion

A new anti-corrosion additive for hydraulic and lubricating oils offers protection during equipment operation and during intermittent shut down periods. The additive, Cortec M-530, can be used with mineral-based and synthetic-based oils to provide long-lasting protect both ferrous and non-ferrous components.

Cortec M-530 does not negatively affect working properties of oils. It is said to improve their viscosity, oil-water separability, lubricity, and thermal stability in some cases. Thermally stable during equipment operation, Cortec M-530 prevents high-temperature oxidation and corrosion to yellow metals. It provides further protection to metals in the presence of chlorides by displacing them from the metal surface.

The additive is formulated to inhibit vapor phase corrosion, which otherwise occurs in in crevices, recesses, deep cavities and head spaces that are left unprotected by contact inhibitors. This makes it especially effective during shutdown periods when hydraulic fluids settle to the lowest point in a system or drain down to holding reservoirs.

Hydraulic systems containing Cortec M-530 can be protected from one to six months of shutdown. This eliminates the need for draining and flushing systems during temporary or seasonal shutdowns. and to pass through 5 µm filters. Cortec M-530 is also formulated as an environmentally friendly product that is low in toxicity. The new additive does not contain hazardous barium, chromates, nitrites or phosphate inhibitors. The product meets ASTM D 1748 and ASTM D 1401 standards.

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