New filter media reduces pressure drop

A new line of energy-saving hydraulic filter media products from Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V), East Walpole, Mass., provides a 50% reduction in pressure drop without compromising other filter performance metrics. It can be used in on- and off-highway machinery, industrial, marine and power generation applications.

“The hydraulic system on most construction and off-highway equipment is the largest consumer of energy. Rising fuel costs, plus new fuel economy regulations, have magnified the fluid power engineer’s focus on system efficiency,” said Andrew Shepard, Director, global market management, H&V’s Engine and Industrial Filtration business unit. “H&V’s family of next-generation hydraulic media enables filter designers to cut their media pressure drop in half with no loss in efficiency or capacity. Specifying H&V media can translate into longer lifetime and lower energy consumption for end users.”

New filter media
New filter media offers a 50% reduction in pressure drop compared to most other filter media used in industry.

The media’s lower differential pressure means that the hydraulic system need not divert valuable energy to push fluid through a highly resistant filter. “The flow resistance of media is typically expressed in air resistance of a defined size sheet of media,” said Shepard. “When tested at flow rates of 5.3 cm/sec (10.4 feet/min), this new media reduces resistance by up to 50%. In the 10-∝m product, the reduction is from 6.8 mm of H2O (0.0097 psig) to 3.4 mm H2O (0.0050 psig).”

Product designers are able to use the media in two ways: to produce a product with 50% lower delta pressure and increased lifetime or to reduce the size of the filter and maintain the equivalent performance.

The new filter media comes in 5-, 10-, and 20-∝m ratings. Each retains the filter manufacturer’s existing caliper requirements and runs on production lines without alteration.

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