Hydraulic quick couplings

Hydraulic quick couplings

Appeared in print as "Quick couplings

Quick couplings

Q-Safe hydraulic couplings meet and exceed industry standards for double shut-off applications. They are available in body sizes from … to 1 in. for working pressures to 10,150 psi and 1,000,000 impulse cycles. All series are provided with an environmentally friendly Cr3+ (Trivalent Chrome) surface coating for resistance to corrosion, exceeding ISO 4520 requirements (salt spray resistance: 240 hr for white corrosion and 400 hr for red corrosion).

They are manufactured to most industry standards, including ISO 7241-A, ISO-B, ISO 16028, ISO 15171-1, ISO 5676 and ISO 7241-2.

In addition, MQS-DH1 series direct hose integration attachment integrates quick couplings (ISO A, ISO 16028, and push-pull) and hose inserts (MF2000) for compact, shorter, lighter, and leak-free designs. They are available in 3/8 and 1/2 in. body sizes.

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