Tool keeps dirt out and fluid in flange connections

When a hydraulic pump, valve, or other major component must be changed out, dealing with an open hose or tube end can be a nuisance. Although not recommended, a quick fix is to stuff a rag into the open fitting or flange. This is often an ineffective means of keeping fluid from leaking, but, perhaps more importantly, it can allow major contamination to enter the hydraulic system.

fluid in flange connections

A leak-proof and cleaner alternative may be found with FlangeLock tools, from FlangeLock, Greenwich, Conn. Made of T2200 aluminum alloy, FlangeLock tools slip onto an open SAE Code 61, 62, or 62 KAT-style hydraulic flange and seal with a few twists of the wrist.

One advantage to using a rag is that one size fits all. So to make it easy to find the right size FlangeLock tool for the job, they are color coded with a smooth, anodized finish according to size. They come in seven sizes from 1/2- to 2-in. split flanges.

FlangeLock tools are not intended to withstand hydraulic pressure, so the company also offers steel slugs, which are installed under split flange halves. Tightening the flange bolts causes the plug’s O-ring to provide a leak-tight seal. Designed to withstand hydraulic system pressure, slugs come in four sizes from 3/4 to 2 in.

For more information, contact FlangeLock at (203) 861-9400, e-mail [email protected], or visit

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