Couplings well-suited to ag equipment

4SNPV couplings
4SNPV couplings
Faster’s 4SNPV couplings can be connected with the male, female, or both halves under full pressure. This speeds implement changeover by eliminating the need to shut down equipment and wait for pressure to decay to zero.

Farmers may use the same implement for days. At other times, they may have to switch back and forth between implements several times a day, In either case, when they need to swap out an instrument or tool, they want the changeover to be quick and easy to maximize productivity.

A key to a successful implement swap out is the quick-acting couplings that connect the hydraulic lines from the main vehicle to the implement. Specifically, if the quick-acting couplings can be connected and disconnected with pressure in the hydraulic lines, users won’t have to power-down equipment and wait for pressure to decay to near zero. Other benefits, of course, are compact size, light weight, and low force requirements for connecting and disconnecting coupling halves.

Faster Inc., Maumee, Ohio, offers several lines of quick-acting couplings with features designed specifically for agricultural equipment. Faster’s 4SNPV, for example, meets ISO 7241-1 part A standards. It can be connected with full working pressure (25 MPa) in the male half, female half, or both. Even though the coupling has a compact size, internal flow paths are designed to produce minimal flow restriction. For example, the 12-in. size can pass 70 lpm with 0.2 MPa pressure drop.

In adherence to environmental regulations, corrosion resistance is accomplished using Cr VI-free coatings. The couplings can be installed on rigid tubing or in manifolds.

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