Lightweight Al fittings meet SAE specs

aluminum tube fittings
Parker’s new aluminum tube fittings are roughly 65% lighter than their steel counterparts, yet they still exceed burst pressure test ratings specified by SAE J514.

Parker Hannifin’s Tube Fittings Div., Columbus, recently introduced a line of SAE aluminum tube fittings that are about 65% lighter than equivalent steel and stainless steel fittings. They also conform to SAE J514 dimensions for 37° flare fittings and SAE J1453 dimensions for O-ring face seal fittings. Officials say that specifying the lightweight aluminum fittings can provide immediate fuel, freight, and vehicle-transfer cost savings. Also, the expense of converting a system from steel or stainless steel can be minimized because no component redesign is necessary when performing a changeover.

The aluminum connectors are particularly suited for applications where weight reduction and/or corrosion resistance are essential, such as off-highway equipment and on-highway work vehicles. The maximum working pressure rating for the fittings is approximately 50% of equivalent steel fittings; the temperature rating ranges from -40°F to 400°F, depending on the seal material.

But are the aluminum fittings as strong as steel? Parker’s Jose Pagan answers, “Although the SAE aluminum fittings are lightweight, they should not be considered as ‘light duty.’ They have been tested to the same SAE J514 performance requirements as steel fittings. The burst test was conducted to a 5:1 design factor (SAE only requires 4:1 for steel fittings), and the impulse test was conducted at 1.33 times the working pressure for 1 million cycles (the same as steel).”

In the O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) configuration, the aluminum tube fittings feature Parker’s Trap-Seal technology, whereby the trapezoidal shape of the O-ring keeps it retained in a face seal groove to prevent “pop out” associated with round-shape O-rings. This further reduces the risk of seal damage and leakage. The fittings also feature Parker’s Robust Port Stud, which combines reliable sealing with adjustability of port ends. Not having exposed threads between the locknut and backup washer eliminates the potential for washer damage – and leakage that would otherwise result.

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