Hose-end fittings battle Murphy’s Law

Okay. You’ve designed your hydraulic system, you’ve figured out the best routing paths for connecting the fluid lines, but there’s a problem: a component port or fitting you have to connect to is facing the wrong way. Murphy’s law wins again.

In order to make a clean connection, you’ll have to specify a hose or tubing assembly to make a wide 90° or 180° turn. The distance is too far to use a couple 45° or 90° elbows, so you’ll have to specify a section of hose or tube to span the distance. And if the radius is too tight for hose, you’ll have to go with tubing.

Direct Connect hoseend fittings allow optimum fluid line routing without the expense and other disadvantages of thrown-together fitting assemblies.

A more convenient and less costly solution was recently introduced by Air-Way Mfg. Co., Olivet, Mich. Air- Way’s new Direct Connect product line provides a wide 90° or 180° connection. Some of the advantages of Direct Connect include:

  • improved hose assembly routing
  • increased hose life
  • easier replacement of hose assemblies when necessary
  • reduced stress on 45° and 90° hose end assemblies
  • utilizes straight hose ends for easy assembly while reducing costs
  • lower pressure drop through the assembly tan with alternative solutions.

For details on Direct Connect products, call (800) 253-1036, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.air-way.com.