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Hydraulic cylinder honing system

Appeared in print as "Honing system"

All-electric HTA hone brings increased part capacity and stroker torque to bore resurfacing of hydraulic cylinders and repair of actuators for mobile equipment. Two standard sizes — HTA- 2100 for 6.9-ft part lengths and HTA-4100 for 13.5-ft part lengths, accommodate true 2- or 4-m parts. Both handle parts with bore ID of 2.5 to 21 in. and maximum part OD of 24 in., and weights to 8000 lb. It can also be custom-configured. It is ideal for resurfacing and repair work where light-duty stock removal up to 0.030 in. is needed to oversize deeply scratched bores.

Sunnen Products Co., (800) 325-3670,

TAGS: Construction