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CCRS used in cylinder position sensing

CCRS used in cylinder position sensing

The advantages of CCRS technology have been incorporated into IST (Intrinsic Sensing Technology) air cylinders manufactured by Polygon Co., Walkerton, Ind. According to Scott Mersman, of Polygon, these cylinders are interchangeable with conventional pneumatic cylinders, but because their barrel is made of an engineered composite material, they feature several advantages over all-metal cylinders, such as:

  • lighter weight,
  • high wear resistance for longer life,
  • lower friction,
  • quieter operation, and
  • resistant to denting.

Initially, they are available in five standard bores from 1 to 5 in. and a variety of configurations.

For more information on Polygon IST cylinders, contact Scott Mersman at (574) 276-0504, or visit