New steel for hydraulic cylinders

A new steel developed mainly for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and other highly stressed hydraulic components has high impact strength coupled with high yield strength.

Ovako Steel Inc., Ft. Mill, S.C., has launched Ovahyd 650, a new hydraulic steel, developed mainly for the manufacture of highly stressed hydraulic components. This new steel has high-impact strength coupled with high-yield strength, making it possible to manufacture hydraulic cylinders with thinner walls.

Ovahyd 650's combination of 94 ksi tensile strength and high impact strength at temperatures to 40° C makes it ideal for use in hydraulic cylinders and piston rods.

Ovahyd 650 hydraulic steel was developed from existing steels but with an improved strength of 650 Mpa (94,000 psi), and impact strength to 40°F. The isotropic steel ensures its properties are uniform in all directions. The high-fatigue strength is achieved partly as a result of the cleanliness of the steel, making it suitable for hard chromium plating.

With fundamental properties based on the advantage of microalloyed steels, combined with the characteristics of hardened and tempered steels, Ovahyd 650 provides a cost-effective solution to the requirements of the hydraulic industry. The new steel was developed for the manufacture of hydraulic components subject to high stresses; such as cylinders and piston rods. Ovahyd 650 is low-carbon steel alloyed with chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and vanadium for high strength.

Supplied in martensitic, high-temperature tempered condition, in contrast to today's ferritic-perlitic microalloyed steel, the basic structure is always homogeneous.

With the new steel, the hydraulic components can be manufactured with a lower structural weight without sacrificing strength and safety.

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