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Telescopic cylinders show off 25,000-hp jet boat's engines

The Thriller Phantom II is a 55-ft catamaran powered by twin General Electric J-85 fighter-jet engines with full military afterburners. These engines deliver more than 12,000 lb of thrust, equating to more than 25,000 hp. Thriller Powerboats, Ft. Pierce, Fla., is designing a system that will lift a 400-lb engine hatch. The hatch allows access to the two jet engines for maintenance and display purposes at fundraising events for the U.S. Military Veterans.

The system is designed with a simultaneous vertical lift from two hydraulic pumps (each maintaining 1200 to 1500 psi) and four 2½-in. bore cylinders. After all four cylinders initially lift the engine hatch 1 ft, the two front cylinders (which are telescopic and can extend up to 71 in.) then lift the engine hatch an additional 3 ft. This movement puts the twin jet engines in full view. It also enables the hatch to lift out of its water catch slot and avoid damage to the tail section of the Jet Boat.

According to Arnie Gemino of Thriller Powerboats, Mini-Space telescopic cylinders from Air & Hydraulic Power, Inc., Wyckoff, N.J., were chosen because their housings are well-suited for marine applications. Commented Gemino, "The hydraulic system was chosen because of its reliability, redundancy, high performance, and for its operator friendliness. But only telescopic cylinders allowed for the engine hatch to be raised high enough, given our space constraints."

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