Swing clamp loads and unloads with ease

During assembly automation, a 90° rotation capability allows the arm on this pneumatic swing clamp, from Fabco-Air Inc., Gainesville, Fla., to extend up away from the work piece, providing clearance and access for loading and unloading. Double-acting operation and a standard magnetic piston, combined with a variety of optional magnetic sensors, enable positive cycles and work piece detection features.

Counter-bored thru holes on this swing clamp arm enable rigid mounting to automation equipment surfaces in a minimum of space.

A rugged clamp arm with adjusting clamp bolt and four wrench flats on the piston rod easily position the clamp arm. Rotation can be done clockwise or counterclockwise.

Swing clamps come in eight bore sizes from 12 to 63 mm and strokes from 10 to 50 mm, and have extruded aluminum bodies with eight linear keyhole slots for external mounting or round profile sensors. Ports can be NPT or BSP taper. For more information, visit www.fabco-air.com