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For a gourd time, call ...

"Second Amendment," the self-proclaimed Baddest Punkin Gun on the Planet, is a 106-ft, 28,000-lb air cannon made of steel and aluminum for the express purpose of shooting fruit, vegetables, frozen turkeys, basketballs, bowling balls — or anything else that will fit in the breech — as far as possible. It features dual pressure tanks (650 and 300 psi) that act as accumulators to store pressurized air for two-stage firing. To fire, two 12-in. butterfly valves are opened by four 3-in. air cylinders. First, the 300 psi tank is released, to get the fruit moving, and then, the 650 psi tank provides extra acceleration, to launch it out of the cannon.

Additionally, two 4-in. hydraulic cylinders are used to raise and lower the gun. Second Amendment is a three-time world champion and current world record holder for distance: 4434.28 ft, with firings of more than 4900 ft in practice. Estimated muzzle velocity is an amazing 600 mph. But, according to Bruce Bradford, president of S&G Erectors, Howell, Mich, there still is room for improvement.

Kaeser Compressor, Fredericksburg, Va., supplies two compressors and technical support for the gun.