Hydraulic hose, tubing make easy work of quarry mining (web exclusive)


HD 900 Termite

Quarry conditions — with all the shocks, dust and dampness inherent to them — make major demands on machinery and components. For that reason, construction machine manufacturers require durable components from manufacturers like ContiTech, whose hydraulic lines have long stood the test in the grueling day-to-day construction site routine. Ongoing development ensures that these lines are also up to successfully tackling any new demands that may come along.

The HD 900 Termite blast-hole drill, from BBURG International GmbH & Co. KGBBURG International GmbH & Co. KGBBURG International GmbH & Co., Mittenwalde, Germany, provides a perfect example of how hydraulic lines stand the test in the field. “A good 200 m of our hydraulic lines are installed in each of these devices,” says Achim Liecker, industrial sales manager at ContiTech Fluid Technology. “They control each engine and every cylinder.” Nearly 30 different types of hoses, each in many different lengths and nominal widths, operate in pressures to 420 bar on the machine.

Mark Ziehlke, head of engineering at B BURG, said that using ContiTech products makes both technical and commercial sense. “Reliability is the uppermost criteria when we choose components for our machines,” according to Ziehlke. “For material failure always means downtime. And nobody can afford that anymore these days.”

The hydraulic hoses from ContiTech Fluid Technology are extremely leak proof and flexible. Durability is ensured with a  mix of rubber and reinforcing materials.

Faster drilling than with other products is the goal B BURG realized with the HD 900. With its strong drilling performance, low costs per drilling meter, greater ease of use and less complicated servicing and maintenance, the machine also wins hearts because of its absolute sturdiness. Although impact power is critical, it is also important that the borehole be kept clear of debris. A powerful compressor, also equipped with hose lines from ContiTech, fills this job.

Finally, load-sensing-controlled hydraulics helps to keep diesel consumption low in this drill, which is powered by a 245 hp CAT motor. This motor, like many CAT supplies, is also supplied with ContiTech lines.

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