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Take a gamble on MINExpo

Take a gamble on MINExpo

MINExpo, held only every four years, returns to Las Vegas September 22-24, and is home to a variety of fluid power exhibits and technology.

MINExpo International 2008, the mining industry’s premier exhibition of mining equipment, technology and services, will be held Sept. 22-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Sponsored by the National Mining Association (NMA), this year’s event will be the largest show ever held. More than 1200 exhibi tor s wi l l be showcased throughout approximatel y 593,000 square feet of space and will attract some 30,000 visitors from around the world. MINExpo will highlight state-of-theart equipment and services to the international mining community.

Exhibitors will be displaying the latest technology, equipment, parts, and services used for exploration, extraction, safety, environmental remediation, and preparation of metallic ores, coal, and other minerals. The event, which is held only every four years, features more than 60 fluid power companies.

The show floor will feature the industry’s largest equipment and hand tools; the latest in automation and robotics; safety and communications equipment; longwall mining equipment; engines and parts; materials handling and processing equipment and services; pollution control equipment; reclamation equipment and services; computer applications; consulting and financial services, and more

A conference program with 20 educational sessions will tackle the most timely and pressing issues affecting the mining industry, with many of the industry’s top professionals leading the discussions. The sessions are scheduled for the mornings of Tuesday, September 23, and Wednesday, September 24. The education sessions are included in the registration fee, and attendance will earn professional development credits. A complete list of sessions is available online.

Special tours and events include a Red Rock Canyon Tour, Hoover Dam Tour, Black Canyon River Raft Tour, U.S. Department of the Interior Awards Luncheon - Sentinels of Safety Awards, and more.

Registration is $200 after August 8. Registrations received after September 5 will be held at the Self Pre-Registration Counter in Las Vegas. Student and professors can attend for free. To register, visit