X marks the pump in machine automation applications

The X pump can be used in many applications, such as this robotic handler for the automotive industry, which is used in a stamping plant.

Vacuum is a popular choice for applications as varied as work positioners; machines and handling systems in the automobile industry; machining of plastics and sheet metal; and in loading, assembly, and packing systems. J. Schmalz GmbH, Glatten, Germany, a manufacturer of vacuum components, has developed a new generation of compact ejectors for reliable and economical vacuum generation. The SXPs (Schmalz X-Pump) were developed and dimensioned for flexible use in all types of automation systems.

The new modular system of SXP compact ejectors is characterized by large suction and blow-off capacities, small dimensions, robustness, and insensitivity to dirt and environmental effects (to IP65). The ejectors include integrated diagnostic functions and rapid detection of faults/leaks with direct compensation — resulting in increased process safety in the systems. The functions are easy to program with the large keypad, ensuring safe use of the ejectors.

SXP compact ejectors can be mounted in blocks of two to six ejectors, to provide more power for demanding applications.

Electrical connections can be made via on 8-pole M12 connector or two 5-pole M12 connectors, optimally with potential isolation. An optional bus interface accommodates all common bus protocols. A proprietary silencer suppresses output noise to 70 db(A). The modular design permits upgrading with a power module, which further increases the blow-off performance for even shorter cycle times.

If an ejector should fail, it can be replaced quickly, reducing the system standstill times to a minimum. The SXP compact ejectors normally need no maintenance. The clearly visible diagnostic display informs the operator quickly and unambiguously of the status of the station or system at a glance.

For more information, phone Schmaltz in the U.S. at (919) 713-0880 or visit us.schmalz.com.