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Off-highway sensor comes in 5-V version

off-highway sensor

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div., Cary, N.C., now offers its Temposonics MH linear displacement transducer with a 5-V input supply option. MH sensors are designed for integral mounting in hydraulic cylinders used in off-highway equipment. Now available with 5-, 12-, and 24-V input supplies, the sensors provide absolute measurement of piston position along a cylinder’s stroke.

“This new 5-V MH sensor provides reliable and repeatable non-contact linear position measurement that fits seamlessly into applications that previously used potentiometers with a 5-V supply,” said Brian Cox, technical marketing manager for mobile hydraulics at MTS. The sensors are available in both ratiometric and fixed-reference output styles with a 0.25 to 4.75-V output. The ratiometric output option mimics the natural output of a potentiometer, while the fixed-reference output is referenced to a fixed voltage and eliminates measurement error from fluctuating input supply voltage.

The sensors exhibit a 100-G shock and 25 G vibration resistance rating as well as 200 V/m EMI protection, making them well suited to mobile equipment. As with all M-Series sensors, MH sensors meet ISO14982 standards for agricultural and forest machinery and ISO7637-0/1/2 standards for road vehicles.

For more information, contact Brian Cox, MTS Sensors Division, at (919) 677- 0100, email [email protected], or visit