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All-hydraulic crusher offers high production

Komatsu's FS4430QA maximum-capacity jaw crusher — with bow-type fixed jaw — allows discharge setting to be changed with simple, one-touch adjustment.

Tracked undercarriage of BR550JG-1 crusher offers user high travel speeds, allowing easy relocation.

The BR550JG-1 jaw crusher — from Komatsu America International Co. — includes fully hydraulic tracked travel and crushing systems. Powered by Komatsu's 306-hp SAA6DI25E-2 engine, this crusher has a material-output range from 110 to 507 tons per hour, with adjustable open-side discharge settings from 2.2- to 8-in. These capacities make the machine suitable for highway construction, housing development, and tunnel works, as well as quarry, demolition, and excavation applications.

The 52-ton self-propelled crusher's high travel speeds (with a maximum of approximately 2 mph), along with its 25% gradeability, allow efficient relocation. And once relocated, it can maneuver itself into tight quarters and start to operate immediately, processing a variety of materials — including concrete debris and hard rock.

The Komatsu designed and built 30- x 44-in., single-toggle jaw is driven hydraulically with a PC800 LSHT variable-displacement motor via a V-belt. Its speed range — from 210 to 300 rpm — helps to adjust the jaw to the materials to be crushed. The closed-loop crusher control incorporates Komatsu's patented Hydraumind technology to optimize efficiency. Through a combination of load-sensing and pressure-compensated valves, the HydrauMind hydraulic control and monitoring system supplies the appropriate flow of oil to each function. Simultaneously, it identifies potential overloads and automatically slows down the vibratory grizzly infeed's gear-type motor before the overloads become a reality. A pressure dial on the control can be set for anticipated rock hardnesses to work hand in hand with the Hydraumind system. The hydraulic design also allows the crusher to start from a stopped position, even when fully loaded, and it has a reverse-rotation function to help remove bridged or plugged material from the jaw chamber. A 42-in. wide discharge conveyor — driven by another LSHT piston-type motor — carries material away from the jaw chamber.

For more versatility, the crusher can be operated from its on-board control station with hydraulic-excavator-type levers, or from ground level or the excavator or loader cab via an optional radio remote control. The remote control operates all travel functions, feeder on/off, jaw on/off, engine auto decelerate, emergency stop, and even the horn.