Microcontroller expands I/O

The MC088-015-00000 microcontroller offers numerous input/output connections and system design flexibility for mobile machinery management.

A new 88-pin microcontroller from Sauer-Danfoss, Ames, Iowa, incorporates three new features that can augment system compatibility, power, and control:

• Four inputs that can be configured to read 4- to 20-mA signals, such as from pressure and temperature sensors,
• Six 6-A digital outputs to directly control higher power devices, such as solenoids, and
• 4 MB of on-board flash memory for logging everything from operational data to machine status. Overall, these features provide the designer with more options for differentiating vehicle design.

Dubbed the MC088, the microcontroller is part of the company’s PLUS+1 product series and includes 42 inputs, 32 outputs, and two CAN 2.0B ports for multiple input/output (I/O) connections in a concentrated space. Dan Ricklefs, of Sauer-Danfoss says, “Whether manufacturers are designing small machines with short CAN-bus communication lines, or have a large clustering of input/ output needs, the new 88-pin device provides maximum design flexibility with the potential to reduce overall installed costs.”

For more information, e-mail Dan Ricklefs at [email protected] com or visit www.sauer-danfoss.com.