Compact sensor is well-suited to off-highway equipment

Mobile Equipment
MH linear-displacement transducer combines reliable in-cylnder mounting with a CANbus to serve the needs of the latest mobile equipment.

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div., Cary, N.C., recently introduced its MH linear displacement transducer (LDT) with a CANbus interface. Combining proven Temposonics mangetostrictive technology with the off-road market’s interface of choice, the compact sensor is intended for use in welded and tie-rod cylinders, or any space-limited cylinder applications.

The MH sensor works with CAN J1939 and CANopen, measuring displacement and speed variables. The LDT mounts inside a hydraulic cylinder, and a recent redesign of the mechanical housing has provided a more robust wire-cable exit that improves strain relief and sealing. With a 100-G shock and 25-G vibration rating, the MH sensor was designed for rugged environments, especially those typically encountered in construction, agriculture, and other off-highway equipment.

The LDT consists of a sensor head, a housing with built-in electronics, a pressure-proof sensor pipe that protects an internal sensing element, and a position magnet. Along with high shock and vibration ratings, the sensor has 200V/m EMI protection.MH lineardisplacement

Designed for cylinders with a bore of 2 in. or larger to measure strokes from 2 to 98 in. (50-2500 mm). M-Series sensors meet ISO14982 standards for agricultural and forest machines, ISO7637- 0/1/2 standards for road vehicles, and are CE-certified. The LDT can be installed from the cylinder’s head or cap end.

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